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Shaam Kii Aahat (Coming of the evening)
Diaspora poet Tashie Zaheer’s diwan inaugurated

By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

North America’s prominent poet Tashie Zaheer’s diwan (Poetry Collection) – Shaam Kii Aahat – was inaugurated recently in a grand literary event sponsored by the Urdu Foundation of North America. The event was held at the ornate Chandni Restaurant, Newark CA.Shaam Kii Aahat - Plaque

Canada-based Ashfaq Hussain, a leading modern Urdu poet and an author of more than 10 books of poetry and literary criticism read a maqala on Tashie Zaheer’s diwan - Shaam Kii Aahat (Coming of the Evening).  Ashfaq Hussain says: “It is necessary that the work of a Diaspora poet/writer should be analyzed and critically evaluated in his/her native home.”  

Picture shows Urdu Foundation presenting a plaque to Tashie Zaheer on the inauguration of his diwan, Shaam Kii Aaahat.

Tashie Zaheer’s poetry meets this criteria as his diwan has been critically evaluated in his native land, Pakistan. Just one example: Literary quarterly magazine, AL ZUBAIR, published by the Urdu Academy Bhawalpur published a comment about Tashie’s diwan, Shaam Kii Aahat. Dr. Shahid Hussain Rizvi describes the anthology as an expression of pain of departure and separation from the native land. “It is now about 30 years that Tashie left his native land and the pain of separation is deeply reflected in many of his poems. He is unable to suppress this feeling of separation.”

Tashie says:

Ek Din Aakhir Kaar Samajhna PaRhta Hay
Des Ke Jaisa Bhes Badalna PaRhta Hay

SadyouN Se Qaanoon Raha Hay Qudrat Ka

KhushyouN Kaa Taawaan To Bharna PaRhta Hay

In the preface of his Diwan, Tashie Zaher writes about this agony of separation:

“Migration is not an easy decision whether it is because of economic reasons or simply to escape from some emotional situation. Love for the soil of motherland is natural and unconditional. My body and soul have the fragrance of my native soil. An adopted homeland remains alien despite all the amenities, glamor and luxuries. One has this feeling soon after the migration and it remains with him for a long time.”

In the following verses he expresses the nostalgic feeling:

Des Kii Mitti ChhoRh Ke Jo Pardes Ko Jaatey HeN
LoT Ke ik din Aakhir Apne Ghar Jaate HeN Log

Har Dam YouN To ToofanoN Se sar Takraate HeN

Aur Kabhii Chhotee si Baat se Dar Jaate HeN Log

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