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June 22-2010

Silicon Valley Urdu lovers pay homage to Farhat Kanpuri

By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Literary enthusiasts and Urdu lovers of the Silicon Valley recently held two events to accolade the life and work of Ganga Dhar Nath Farhat Kanpuri, a contemporary of Jigar Muradabadi, Majaz Lukhnawi and Firaq Gorkhpuri.From left-Hamida Bano-Prof Aiman-Ahmer Shahwar SJ

The first literary evening was held in San Jose on June 13 to highlight the poetry of Farhat Kanpuri. It was a multi-facet literary-cum-musical event with a touch of thrilling music. The first session was dedicated to the life and work of Farhat Kanpuri. A number of people presented his poetry which included Tehmida Bano, Ahsan Syed, Pardeep Dube, Prof. Mamun Aiman and Seema Srivastava .

(Picture shows from left: Hamida Bano Chopra, Prof. Mamun Aiman and Ahmer Shahwar.)

Prof. Mamun Aiman specially flew from New York to grace this event. Not surprisingly, Seema Srivastava , the grand daughter of Farhat Kanpuri, inherited poetic genes from her maternal grand father and became a poetess.  She not only presented a beautiful poem of her grand father but also amused the audience with her own composition.

Shaista Aiman, spouse of Professor Aiman and a well-know short story writer presented her latest piece that touched the audience. The story tackled the issue of migration of people from the third world countries in search of better economic opportunities that sometimes ends in tragic incidents.

An Urdu/Punjabi mushaera was another interesting feature of the San Jose evening. The poets who presented their verses included: Prof. Mamoon Aimon, Azad Jalundhari, Ashraf Gill, Tashie Zaheer, Naseer Humayun, Ahmar Shehwar, Arshad Rashid, and Waqar Khan. 

The final session of the program consisted on musical renditions. In his unique style, Dr. Anshuman Chandra presented a ghazal of Farhat Kanpuri on Guitar. He was followed by another popular guitarist, Pardeep Dube who amused the audience with his presentation. Ashraf Gill presented a number of ghazals to draw wide applause. Surrinder Singh Maan was on tabla.

At the end the host, Seema Srivastava, thanked the guests for making this evening memorable. She particularly thanked Prof. Mamun Aiman, who specially flew from New York to attend the event. Tashie Zaheer, President of the Urdu Academy of North America was thanked for meticulously arranging the event that was beautifully conducted by Ahmer Shahwar.

Urdu Academy pays tribute to Farhat Kanpuri

The Urdu Academy of North America held a literary event on June 20 at the Chandni Restaurant, Newark, California, to pay tribute to Farhat Kanpuri. The event was presided over by Mr. Ibrahim Vijay Laxmi Nigam, the daughter of Farhat Kanpuri, was the chief guest. The program, mceed by the Urdu Academy President Tahie Zaheer, included presentation of poetry of the great poet by Misbah Rahman, Ahmer Shahwar, Ken Sherfy, Abdus Sattar Ghazali, Dr. Tahir Mahmood and Seema Srivastava Ibrahim-Vijay Nigam-Rashid Arshad.

Tashie Zaheer provided an analytic view of Kanpuri’s poetry. Vijay Nigam amused the audience with anecdotes from her father’s life. She remembered many mushaeras hosted by her father that were attended by such prominent poets as Jigar Muradabadi, Firq Gorakhpuri, Majnoon Gorakhpuri, Majaz Lukhnawi, Salam Machli Shehri and Maulana Mustafa Khan Ahmaq. In 1951, Fahat Kanpuri fell ill while attending a mushaera in Lukhnaw. He was first admitted in Lukhnaw Medical College and later moved to Kanpur Medical College for treatment. He passed away in 1952.

(Picture shows from left: Mr. Ibrahim, Vijay Nigam and Rashid Arshad.)

Another feature of Urdu Academy’s event for Farhat Kanpuri was musical renditions of his poetry by two prominent singers of the  Bay Area. Dr. Anshuman Chandra presented two ghazals

Meri Nazar Me Kam Nahee,
Ye Wehm Kiya Ye Khiyal Kia

Hasi Bhi Ajab Silsilai Sham-o-Seher Hai
Har Aik Din Bas Waswasa-e-Sood-o-Zarar Hai (composed in Bhim Plassy Raag

Tina Maan, another prominent Bay Area singer was next to present three ghazals in her own musical composition. Like Dr. Anshuman Chandra, Tina Maan drew wide applause with her classical presentations:

Hota Hai Mohabbat Mai’n Bura Haal Bashar Ka
Jaise Koi Daldal Mai’n Idhar Ka Na Uther Ka    (composed in Raag Shosa Rang)

Husn Par Ishq Ki Bhi Ghaat Nahi

Ye Hai Wo Bazi Jis Ko Maat Nahi  (composed in Rag Kalawati)

Be Khuda Kee Be Khudi Ach’chi Rahee
Ishq Mei’n Ye Dil Lagee Ach’chi Rahee

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