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Urdu Academy pays tribute to Momin Khan Momin

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By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Life and work of Hakeem Momin Khan Momin was the theme of Urdu Academy’s July 19, 2009 month literary evening held at the Chandni Restaurant in Newark, CA.

Before going into the detail of this month’s event, I would like to say that the Academy’s monthly literary gatherings should not be confused with Mushaeras where poets are invited to recite their own poetry. Urdu Academy’s literary events have two main objectives: (1) To promote the Urdu language by encouraging Urdu enthusiasts to recite the poetry of prominent poets. (2) Urdu lovers are also invited to present special Maqalas (articles) about the life and work of the popular poets.

I believe that the Academy is fulfilling its objectives with great success. It encourages people whose mother tongue is not Urdu to participate in poetry recital and maqala presentation. The Academy holds regular training sessions to read the poetry with correction pronunciation. I found that many Urdu lovers, like Abdul Razzak Adenwala and Nagesh Awadani, whose mother tongue is not Urdu, take great pains to present poetry with correct pronunciation.

At the same time the Urdu lovers who present Maqalas on the life and work of great Urdu poets exert lot of efforts and do extensive research to introduce them to the audience. Dr. Tahir Mahmood very skillfully interlaces his scholarly work with his job of the Master of Ceremony. Often he brings graphics to illustrate his work. Another regular Maqala presenter, Arshad Rashid, comes equipped with extensive research and mastery over his subject that always captivates the audience. Sometimes a Maqala presenter comes equipped with special topics as Ken Sherfy once spoke on the controversy over two ghazals of Bahadur Shah Zafar: Lagta Nahee Hai Dil Mera Ujre Dayar Mein and Mein Kisi Ki Aankh Ka Noor Houn Na Kisi Ke Dil Ka Sorur Houn.

The Urdu Academy also encourages the young generation to come forward and participate in its events. The idea is to create interest in learning Urdu and promote our cultural values which the cultural heritage is directly linked to language. Adeeb Khan 7-19-2009

This month Master Adeeb Khan (picture at left), born and raised in US, amused the audience with his perfection delivery of Momin’s ghazal. In recent months Master Adeeb Khan was the third teenager who participated in the literary event. In May the Urdu Academy audience was impressed with the presentation of Zauq’s ghazal - Nala is shor se kyon mera duhai deta - by the 15-year-old Simone Salman. And in June, the 15-year-old, Master Osman Arshad, a 10th Grader, thrilled the audience with his perfect presentation of Ghalib’s ghazal: Kooi Ummeed Bar Naheen Aati, Kooi Soorat Nazar Naheen Aati. No doubt participation of teenagers in the literary events is the outcome of Academy’s efforts.

After this brief comment on the Urdu Academy’s literary events, let us talk about this month’s event on the life and work of Hakeem Momin Khan Monin. As usual a number of people recited Momin’s ghazals which included Master Adeeb Khan, Abdul Razzak Adenwala, Asim Bajwa, Jawed Umerani, Meraj Sultana Ghazali, and Waqar Khan.

Three well researched maqalas were presented by Dr. Tahir Mahmood, Arshad Rashid and Nisar Shaikh. Dr. Tahir Mahmood amused the audiences with his work on Momin’s poetry and his romantic life. Arshad Rashid concentrated on Momin’s message while Nisar Sheikh spoke about Momin’s Takhallus (nom de plume).

The July literary event had two sessions. The second session was dedicated to bait bazi, which drew great interest from the audience.

The event was presided over by Vijay Nigam daughter of a well known Urdu poet Ganga Dhar Nigm Farhat Kanpuri (1905-1952). Muzna Sarwat, a prominent Bay Area business woman, was chief guest of the event.

Listen to:  Adeeb Khan       Dr. Tahir Mahmood1   Dr. Tahir Mahmood2      Waqar Khan    Arshad Rashid1  Arshad Rashid2

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