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The Feed (English Poem)

By Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

This poem is very simple. Here the poet depicts the love of a mother bird for her young ones who are very small and only a few days old. They are in the nest. The mother sparrow goes out and brings a grain of millet in her beak to feed them. They are ten in number.

Holding a grain of millet in her beak

The mother sparrow has come to feed.

The young ones are so tiny and small

From head to toe they are beaks

When they cry.

One grain to be fed to the ten young ones

To whom the mother sparrow should feed?

Conjoining beak with beak

With whom should she solace?

Fissuring the atom,

You have learnt to weep and wall in a loud tone,

Splitting the grain,

You have learnt to set life on foot

Could you split the grain?

One grain to be fed to the ten young ones.


A popular poem by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

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