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Urdu Academy inaugurates Parvin Shere’s book - II

For Parvin “a Mother is that wind on whose waves blessings float on eternally. She is a branch that squeezes all of its blood to nourish its flowers until the last drop of its own life is gone.”

Her poem Canopy (Saa’ebaan) best reflects her feelings and deep attachment to her mother. She is deeply agonized on the death of her mother as she has lost the canopy:

On the night of our parting,
My heart fluttered, lips trembled,
Eyes were glazed.

You planted on my forehead
The precious parting gift.

I’ve saved that parting love
In the lap of my moist eyes.

I hold the refreshing love
As my inheritance,

Like treasure of priceless pearls.

It is said that “No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you – life.” O Mother, the first poem in her collection, best expresses this:

Mother, you are the earth,
Which nourishes even worthless seeds in her womb.

A seed grown from the earth
Becomes a tall shady tree,

To go beyond the earth to touch the sky.

O Mother,
I was a worthless seed,
You grew it into a tall tree
With the sustenance of your love.

You have made my head reach for skies.

In a similar fidelity Parvin Shere says in her poem Mom:

A deep sea of love you are,
Delightful, energizing
A shade tree in the midst of desert
Soft warmth of life’s sunshine,
Like the cloud providing shade

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This poem could perhaps be encapsulated in the popular Punjabi saying:

MaaN WaaN ThandiyaN ChhaawaaN (Mothers are cold and soothing tree shades.) 

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