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 Grand North America Mushaera draws large crowd - Page 2

Mushaera session

The second session of the program was dedicated to the Mushaera or recital of poetry, which is the crown of literature is poetry and end and aim according to W. Somerset Maugham.Urdu Academy Grand Mushaera 2012-Glimpse-4

Ralph Waldo Emerson believed that good poetry could not have been otherwise written than it is. The first time you hear it, it sounds rather as if copied out of some invisible tablet in the Eternal mind than as if arbitrarily composed by the poet.

And for Percy Byshe Shelley poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. It will not be too much to say that the observations of Somerset, Shelley and Emerson were true to the poetry recited at this Grand Mushaera.

I believe that North America is now self-sufficient in catering the literary needs of the Urdu speaking and Urdu loving Diaspora with outstanding and renowned literary personalities and the Grand Mushaera was an affirmation of this conviction.

Urdu Academy’s Grand Mushaera attracted prominent poets from Texas (Sarfraz Abd and Farha Iqbal), from New York (Muqsit Nadeem and Shokat Fehmi), from Maryland (Fayyaz Uddin Saieb and Naseem Farogh) and from New Jersey (Iqbal Danish).

Local poets who amused the audience, included, Tashie Zaheer, Ahmar Shehwar, Farooq Taraz, Urooj Awan, Lubna Manzar, Naseer Humayun, Arshad Rashid and Misbah Rehman.

At the beginning of the Mushaera session, Misbah Rehman, a young emerging poet of the Bay Area amused the audience with his thoughtful verses:

Mera naseeb jo soya to naam jaga hay
Meree dukaan barhee, tab hee daam jaga hay

 Woh ishtiaq dikhaeN to ab kay maiN rothooN
 Zara sa dil maiN meray intiqaam jaga hay

He was followed by another young emerging poet,
Arshad Rashid:

 Ik pal maiN jaisay lakhoN rastay guzar gaey haiN
 Rona tha jin pay ham ko hanstay guzar gaey haiN

 Aadmee pathar kay haiN, dewaar o dar pathar kay haiN
 Be-sada hay har makaN aur saray ghar pathar kay haiN

 kirchiaN hi ho giya sheesha meray pindaar ka
 shehr-e-yaraaN kay sabhee ehl-e-hunar pathar kay haiN

Prof Lubna Manzar also thrilled the audience with her reflective poetry:

 Ham gaey waqt kee rodaad sunaeN kaisay
 Apnay Aaeenay to Aaeena dikhaeN kaisay

 Koee tha jo meree dastak ko dua kehta tha
 Ab wahaN koee naheeN hay wahaN jaeN kaisay

Ahmad Shawar, a grandson of renowned poet Sabah Lakhnavi, was next to recite.

 Woh gham-e-Aashnaee kab day ga
 dil ko daagh-e-judaee kab day ga

 raat kaTtee naheeN kisi soorat
 janay sooraj dikhaee kab day ga

 bas mujhay aik Harf likhna hay
 woh mujhay roshnaee kab day ga


Misbah Rehman

Arshad Rashid

Lubna Manzar

Ahmar Shahwar

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