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Urdu Academy hosts Jashn-e-Jazib Qureshi

By Abdus Sattar GhazaliUA 8-26-2012-29

Great poetry generally captures images vividly and in an original, refreshing way, while weaving together an intricate combination of elements like theme tension, complex emotion, and profound reflective thought. Wordsworth defined poetry as "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.” This perhaps is true for the poetry of Jazib Qureshi who stands out among the scores of his contemporaries in the world of Urdu literature with his nine poetry collections.

Jazib Qureshi is visiting these days his daughter Lubna Manzar who lives in Bay Area. The Urdu Academy of North America took the opportunity to host Jashan-e-Jazib Qureshi on August 26, 2012, at the Chandni Restaurant, Newark/Fremont.                       (Picture shows from left:   Dr. Tahir Mahmood, Jazib Qureshi and Lubna Manzer )

Tashie Zaheer, President of the Urdu Academy of North America presented a well researched maqala (paper) on the life and work of the prominent poet who has carved out his own path in literature, with his commitment to culture, literature and his creative zeal, patience and self confidence. Jazib Qureshi captivated the audience with his presentation of poetry. 

Two verses of Jazib Qureshi

Born in August 1940 in Calcutta, migrated to Lahore in May 1950 with his family. Later he moved to Karachi where he earned Master’s degree in 1968. For 35 years he served as a teacher at government schools and colleges in Karachi.

Jazib Quraishi is not only a distinguished poet but also a prolific Urdu prose writer.  His first critique of the Urdu literature – MaiN Ne Janaa – was published in 1984. His other prose books, published from 1974 to 2012, are:

Aankh Aur Chiragh (Eye & lamp)  - Critical articles on modern style writers.

Shaeri Aur Tehzeeb (Poetry & Civilization) – Critical articles on prominent writers with classical style.

Doosre Kanare Par (On the other side) – Critical articles on three generations writers.

Meri TehrireiN (My writings) – A collection of writings published in the daily Jang.

Izhaariye (Comments) – Evaluation of modern and classical writers.

Khawab Aur Tajrabe (Dream & Experiences) – Critical articles on new poets and writers.

The last two books - ‘Khwab aur tajribe’ and ‘Izhariye’ - underline the poetry, short stories, fiction, humorous literature, criticism and other works created in different forms by different writers. He has the credit of encouraging and promoting young poets and writers.He has also written on Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Majnoon Gorakhpoor, Manzoor Hussian Shor, Saba Akbar Abadi, Tabish Dehlavi and other literary giants


Jazib Quraishi’s first diwan (anthology of ghazals and poems) was published in 1983 under the title “Pehchaan.” During the period of 1983 and 2012, he published another nine collections of his poetry. He also published a collection of religious poetry (Hamds and Naats) and religious articles. UA 8-26-2012 054a

Gawahee Mere Ahadd Ki (Witness to My Era) was published in 2012. It was compiled by two writers, Rukhsana Saba and Prof Lubna Manzar.  This 800 pages exhaustive book contains the viewpoints of a large number of writers of the country who have acclaimed Jazib Qureshi for his poetic vision and his prose writings.

Literary critics say that Jazib Qureshi has rejected all cliche-ridden methods of expressing feelings and depicting life in poetry and instead he has given a totally fresh understanding by the creation of most modern and fresh images, symbols and metaphors in Urdu poetry.

A creative poet of modern times, Jazib Qureshi is a well read person and not wedded to any particular ideological school. His scholarly knowledge of classics made his critical writings more effective.

His distinguished services for the Urdu literature Jazib Quraishi were recognized in 1999 by the Raghib Academy Karachi. He was presented a commemoration plaque and a cash award of Rs. 50,000. In 2012, Arts Council of Pakistan also honored Jazib Qureshi with a commemoration plaque for his distinguished service for Urdu literature.

Jazib Qureshi has traveled extensively to participate in literary and poetical gatherings in the Canada, United States, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. 

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