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Urdu Academy pays tribute to
Ismael Merthi & Shaad Arfi

Urdu Academy’s July 18, 2010 literary session was dedicated to pays tribute to the two prominent Urdu poets, Ismael Merthi and Shaad Arfi.

Among those who participated in the event included: Dr. Tahir Mahmood, Nasir Humayoun, Abdul Razzak Adenwala, Ken Sherfy, Jawed Umerani and Misbah Rahman. Urdu Academy President welcomed the guests and Nagesh Avadhani thanked the guests at the conclusion of the session.

Like his was a contemporary of prominent Urdu poets, Altaf Hussain Hali and Maulana Shibli Nomani. Molvi Ismael Merthi (1844-1917) also dedicated his poetry to guide both adults and children. He was a teacher by profession and authored a number of text books for school children. He also wrote many long poems only for children. His poetry is published as “Kulliyat-e-Merthi.”

Here are glimpse from the event: (Photographs by Jawed Umerani)

Audience-3 7-18-2010
Audience-1 7-18-2010 Podium 7-18-2010
Nasir Humayoun 7-18-2010
Ken Sherfy 7-18-2010 Tashie Zaheer 7-18-2010
Mukesh 7-18-2010
Nagesh 7-18-2010
7-18-2010-2 Misbah 7-18-2010
Dr. Tahir 2 7-18-2010
Razzakbhai 7-18-2010
Podium-2  7-18-2010

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