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Urdu Academy pays tribute to Yaas Changezi & Yosuf Zafar - 2

UA 5-20-2012 Audience-3

Yosuf Zafar

After a tea break, the second session of the Urdu Academy literary meeting began with poet Arshad Rashid serving as MC. This session was devoted to the life and work of another great poet Yosuf Zafar (1914-1972) who is also considered among the pioneers of Blank Verse in Urdu.

Arshad Rashid presented a well researched maqala on the life and work of Yosuf Zafar who is one of the founders of Halqa-e-Arbab-e-Zouq along with Mira Jee, Qayyum Nazar and Mukhtar Siddiqui.

Yosuf Zafar had a unique style in ghazal composition that was recognized by his contemporaries who used to call him Ustad (teacher). His five poetical anthologies were published during his lifetime while one anthology was published in 1973, a year after his death.

Yosuf Zafar was not only a recognized poet but also a drama writer. Here are some samples of his poetry:

YaaDouN Ke Phool Ke DaamaaN Me Aaa Rahe
Ham Ne Samajh Liya Keh GulistaaN Me Aaa Rahe

Laa MakaaN Se MakaaN Me Aa,e HaiN
Ham KahaN Se KahaN Tak Aa,e HaiN

Un Ke Sang-e-AastaaN Tak Aaga,e
Ham ZameeN Se AasmaaN Tak Aaga,eUA 5-20-2012 Podium-2

Tamam Umr Kii Awargi Ka Haasil Hai
Qayam-e-Qabr Merii Zindagii Ka Haasil Hai

Yosuf Zafar is known as a ghazal and nazam writer and very few people know that he was also an excellent naat writer. Talat Khan presented his naat in her musical voice.

Yosuf Zafar's poetry was recited by a number of Urdu enthusiasts which included: Shahzad Baseer, Hatim Rani, Ishaq Nagpuri, Mukesh Kackar, Abdus Sattar Ghazali, Meraj Sultana Ghazali, and Esmat Kamal.

Khalid Rana, chief coordinator of the event amazed the audience by presenting Yosuf Zafar's ghazal in his melodious voice.

At the end of the program Khalid Rana thanked all the guests for making this event successful. He particularly thanked Syed Sarwat, the owner of Chandni Restaurant to regularly hosting this event.

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