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Urdu Academy pays tribute to Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq

By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Urdu Academy’s May 17, 2009 literary evening was dedicated to the life and work of Sheikh Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq, a celebrated Urdu poet and Ustad of the last Moghal ruler Bahadur Shah Zafar.

The event was presided over by senior visiting journalist and co-author (with Kuldip Nayar) of a best-seller book, Tales of Two Cities, Asif Noorani. Farrukh Shah Khan, President of Pakistan-American Center was chief guest. Dr. Maheen Adamson and Dr. Ghazala Ansari were MCs of the program.

Nagesh Avadhany welcomed the guests on behalf of the Urdu Academy. Dr. Ghazala Ansari gave a review of the program.

The literary enthusiasts who presented Zauq’s kalam included: Mohammad Saleem, Sanjay Sethi, Abdul Razzk Adenwala, Nagesh Adhvany, Asim Bajwa, Dr. Ghazala Ansari and Dr Maheen Adamson.

Simone Salman, 15, stole the show with her electric presentation of Zauq’s ghazal Nala is shor se kyon mera duhai deta. Her delivery of ghazal captivated the audience. Simone is a student of the 10th standard at the Newark Memorial School. She was born in Pakistan but raised in US. It is the efforts of her parents and grand parents that she can read and write Urdu language and address the audience in Urdu.

Professor Farooq Ahmed, Dr. Ghazala Ansari and Dr. Maheen Adamson presented maqalas on the life and work of the great poet who was the creator of many popular verses which are still used in our day today language often without knowing that it was the imagination and the deep thought of Zauq which created such eternal “sayings”:

- Tujh ko para’ee kiya par’ee apni naber’ tooPanelists 5-17-2009

- Zaban-e-Khalq ko naqqara-i Khuda samjho

- Abto ghabra ke ye kehte hein ke mar jaaen ge + mar ke bhi chain na paya to kidhar jaaen ge

- Ae Zouq takalluf mein hae takleef sarasar + Aaraam se hain wo log jo takalluf naen karte

- Kehte hein aaj Zauq jahan se guzar gaya + Kiya khoob aadmi tha Khuda maghfirat kare

At the end of the poetry session, Dr. Maheem Adamson invited Asif Noorani to introduce his best seller book, Tales of Two Cities.

(Picture shows from left: Farrukh Shah Khan, president of PACC, Asif Noorani, Dr. Ghazala Ansari and Dr. Maheen Adamson.)

Earlier the program began with the singing of Zauq’s ghazals by Tahir Abbasi sahib and the ghazal maestro Kuldip Singh.

Absence of the Urdu Academy President Tashie Zaheer was felt by the organizers and many guests. Tashie sahib was visiting her sick sister Kehkashan in Virginia. Dr. Tahir Mahmood, another senior member of the Urdu Academy was unable to attend the event because of the commemoration of the death anniversary of his son.

The program ended with a vote of thanks by Waqar Ahmad Khan.

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