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Urdu Academy pays tribute to Shad Azimabadi
and Moeen Ahsan Jazbi

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Urdu Academy of North America held a literary evening on December 19, 2010 to pay tribute to two prominent Urdu poets Shad Azimabadi and Moeen Ahsan Jazbi. The event was held at Chandni Restaurant.

Shad Azimabadi (1846 – 1927) is one of the acknowledged masters of Urdu ghazal.

To his credit a number of oft-quoted couplets speaks of the popularity of Shad Azimabadi’s ghazals, such as: Shad Azimabada

It is now claimed that Shad Azimabadi was the one who wrote the first novel in Urdu, published in 1876, under the title ‘Suratul Khyal.’ The claim enjoys the backing of Khuda Baksh Library, and the man who has made this claim is the grandson of Shad Azimabadi.

Shad Azimabadi was born Nawab Syed Ali Muhammad.

Among those who recited the poetry of Shad Azimabadi included Abdus Sattar Ghazali, Asim Bajwah,  Irfan Ahmad, Khalid Raana, Ken Sharfi, Meraj Sultana Ghazali, Nagesh Avadhani, Misbah Rehman and Waqar Khan.

For many Moeen Ahsan Jazbi (1912-2005) was the last of the great and popular Urdu poets of the Taraqqi Pasand Tehreek (Progressive Writers' Movement) Jazbi, who was the close friend of Majaz, left for heavenly abode.


Among those who presented the poetry of Moeen Ahsan Jazbi included Hatim Rani,
Ken Sharfi, Mukesh Kakkar, Waqar Khan and Abdus Sattar Ghazali.

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