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Urdu Academy session on Riaz Khairabadi

Urdu Academy of North America held a literary evening to highlight the life and work of famous Urdu poet Riaz Khairabadi. The event was held at the Chandni Restaurant in Fremont/Newark, CA on October 17, 2010.UA 10-17-2010 - Dr. Tahir

The second session of the event was dedicated to the inauguration of Parvin Shere’s book Nihaal-e-Dil Par Sahaab Jesey (Raindrops on Parched Land). A report about the inauguration of the book can be read at:

The event was presided over by Prof. Waris Shere while well known painter, poetess and instrumentalist, Parveen Shere was chief guest.

Among those who recited Riaz Khairabadi’s poetry included Simone Salman. This was her second appearance in Urdu Academy’s program.

Simone began by reciting a beautiful couplet of Riaz Khairabadi,           

           Mai rahe, meena rahe, gardish meiN paimaana rahe
           Mere  saaqi  too  rahe, aabaad  maikhana  rahe

After commenting that although the poet was a teetotaler, but his poetry was full of such verses she went on to recite the ghazal:UA 10-17-2010-Simon

           Paarsaaee ka yaqeeN ghair ko dilwaate hain
           Aur jo be saakhta aajaaye tabassum mujh ko

           KhaanqaaheiN to hazaaroN haiN, magar jee bhi lage
           KaheeN thoRi  si  jagah  de do pas e khum mujh  ko

          Daad khwahoN mein dam e hashr jo dekha hai reyaaz
          Pyaar  se  poochte  haiN,  bhool  gaye  tum mujh  ko

Others who recited Riaz Khairabadi’s poetry included: Asim Bajwa, Dr. Ghazala Ansari, Jawed Umerani, Meraj Sultana Ghazali, Mukesh Kachar, Abdul Razzak Adenwala and Tashie Zaheer.

Dr. Tahir Mahmood was MC of the program. He also read a research article on the life and work of Riaz Khairabadi.

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