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Mehfil-e-Zarafat of Urdu Academy

UA 10-16-2011 Podium-AB

Four poets graced the podium of Mehfil-e-Zarafat of the Urdu Academyon October 16 2011 at Chandni Restaurant, Newark CA. Picture shows from left: Lubna Manzar, Ismat Kamal, Irfan murtaza and Ahmer Shahwar.

By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Humor and laughter is perhaps the best tonic for mind and body which serves as an antidote for anxiety and depression. With this dictum in mind Urdu Academy of North America held a Mehfil-e-Zarafat (funny and humorous poetry recitation) on October 16, 2011 at the ornate Chandni Restaurant.

The event was divided into two sessions. The first session was dedicated to the life and work of  Dilawar Figar who is known as Shehansha-e-Zarafat and Akbar-e-Sani for his satirical and rich humor writings. Poet Ismat Kamal presided over the event. Poet Iran Murtuza was the chief guest UA 10-16-2011 Lubna Manzar1

Lubna Manzar - who had an opportunity of attending many Mushaeras in which Dilawar Figar amused the audience with his own brand of humorous poetry – was MC of the first session. She also spoke about the life and work of the most illustrious poet of our generation.

Dilawar Figar - born in Badayoun, UP India in 1928 - first came into prominence with his long poem “Shair-e-Azam” which received great acclaim in Delhi. Apparently, this poem helped Dilawar secure a place in the genre of poetry in which we find him today.

Well versed with the economic and social trends of our country he has used humor in his poems to express criticism in matters of specific and general interest. He was such a natural in the field that his poems encompassed not only the political and social elements but he also managed to find a humorous side in almost every aspect of life. From “Shereen Farhad” to searching for love on the computer, his subjects both general and specific, old and contemporary, Dilawar’s brand of poetry appeals to both young and old.

Through his book, “Kulyaat-e-Dilawar Figar,” he has left behind a legacy that will continue to enliven our lives. Dilawar Figar died in January 1998 in Karachi.Dilawar Figar Kulliyat

Among those who amused the audience with the recitation of Dilawar Figar’s poems included: Ahmar Shehwar, Asim Bajwa, Dr. Maheen Adamson, Ismat Kamal, Jawed Umerani,  Khalid Rana,  Meraj Sultana Ghazali, Misbah Rehman, Mukesh Kackar and Abdus Sattar Ghazali. 

The poems and ghazal which drew wide applaud from the audience were:

"Ishq ke marahil," "Laila MajnooN ki Shadi," "Tamasha Mirey Aagey, "Karachi ka Qabrustaan," "Karachi Ki Bas," "Ishq ka parcha," "Ik Dawaat, aik qalam ho to ghazal hoti hey" and " Deen aadha reh gaya, eemaan adha reh gaya"

The second session began after the tea, pakora and samosa break. Literary activist and poet, Ahmer Shahwar, was MC of the second session in which literary enthusiasts presented humorous poetry of their choice.

The following humorous poems thrilled the audience:

"Ghazal" By: Janab Zareef Jabalpuri (Ahmar Shehwar); "Yaad Dahaani" By Janab Anwer Masood (Asim Bajwa);  "ILaaj bil ghiza"  By: Hakim Indor Saheb (Abdus Sattar Ghazali);

“Ghazal” By: Zameer Jaafri (Khalid Rana); “poem” (Dr. Tahir Mahmood); "Defaulter" By: Janab Zamin Jafri (Misbah Rehman); "Indo-Amrikan beevi aur Indian shauhar"  By: Asad Ullah Hussaini Chakkar Saheb (Mahmood Hasan); "Manki ik Minister hooN'  By: Janab Majeed Lahori  (Mukesh Kackar) and Nazm about Medical profession (Dr. Mathur). Asmat Kamal presented his own humorous poetry

At the end Khalid Rana thanked the Urdu lovers for making Urdu Academy’s monthly literary sessions successful. He particularly thanked Syed Sarwat, Owner of Chandni Restaurant for hosting and patronizing Urdu Academy’s gatherings.

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