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An eventful evening with Syed Sarwat  Page II

Audience-D 1-22-2010
Audience-E 1-22-2010
Naweda Elahi Sultan Ali Kamrani
Dr. Norin Khan &Mrs Javaid Ajaz

Naweda Elahi                                Dr. Norin Khan and Mrs Javaid Ajaz         Sultan Ali Kamrani

Afif Siddiqui
Jawed Ajaz Ranjeet Singh

Jawed Ajaz                                                Ranjeet Singh                                       Afif Siddiqui

Gurdit & Dr Siddiqui
Ali Shahbuddin

Ali Shahbuddin                                                                           Gurdit Singh (left) and Dr. Waheed Siddiqui

Tashie Zaheer-0
Audience-F 1-22-2010

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